Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor

I grew up in small town, Oklahoma and have always had a love for science and beauty. I have been practicing skin therapy and helping others perfect their glow and skincare routine since 2013. In 2012, I found my calling as a skin care therapist, started my career in esthetics, and never looked back. Since then, I stay up to date with training, pride myself in continuing my education, and practice taking care of all kinds of skin types and conditions.

I enjoy taking care of others and helping others relax in a way that’s out of this world. I love helping people discover the best products for their skin and seeing their results. Relaxation is a big part of my facial treatments and it is one of the many tools that I utilize to help reduce the signs of aging and improve your overall quality of life. I provide expert advice on at-home routines, safe and sanitary advanced treatments for all skin types, customized facials to fit your needs and concerns, and product recommendations.

When I am not perfecting your glow, I love spending the days with my family, my husband, my son, and our 2 pets.

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